Remote training.
Know of emergencies.
Never miss a moment.

Working closely with vets and dog trainers,
Furbo is designed to stimulate a dog’s unique
hearing and vision senses.

“Remote interaction helps train your dogs and comfort them when they are home alone.”
- Dog trainers

Barking Alert

Furbo’s smart technology detects barking and sends you push notifications right away. No matter why your dog is barking, you can always check what’s going on at home and calm them down.

Train Your Dog with Positive Reinforcement

Furbo mimics the most fun human-dog interaction – treat tossing. Similar to the clicker training, Furbo makes a “clicking” sound before tossing a treat. This helps your dog establish a positive feeling towards Furbo. You can finally play with your dog and reward them remotely.

Let Your Dog Know You Are There

Furbo’s light indicator uses the colors dogs can see – yellow and blue. When you open the app, Furbo’s light indicator changes from yellow to blue to attract your dog's attention.
Interactive Mode
Sleep Mode

Designed to Withstand Your Dog's Affection

Set your Furbo on a flat surface and use the adhesive feet on the bottom to provide extra security from your dog’s hugs and kisses.