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GearNova: Furbo Treat-Tossing Dog Camera
CNBC: Must-have gifts for your pets this holiday season
Some pet owners can't bear to be separated from their fur children during the day but may not work in a pet-friendly environment. Furbo lets you keep an eye on the animals —whether it's day or night — and chat with them via a two-way microphone/speaker combo.
Huffington Post: Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveling Woman
For any girl who has anxiety about leaving their little puppy behind on their travels, this is the answer. Check in on your little pup while relaxing on the beaches of Mexico and know that your fur baby is in good hands!
Furbo Pet Camera Review from Smart Pet Toy
Furbo has made a stylish, and very user-friendly pet camera. If you are want to have a plug-and-play Pet camera that can shoot treats, and has night vision, Furbo is our recommendation!
Best Pet Cam: Furbo Dog Camera Review: Ultimate Treat Launcher
Tons of impressive features are packed into this amazingly designed gadget and it will certainly impress any pet owner. After using and reviewing every interactive pet camera on the market, we find ourselves using Furbo the most.
TechCrunch: Furbo is a dog camera that lets you share treats remotely
Other startups also make pet cameras, so what really sets Furbo and Tomofun apart is the ability to launch dog treats from the camera.
Time: 7 Products That Solve Pet Owners' Biggest Headaches
If you don't work in a pet-friendly office environment, there's still a way to interact with your dog during the workday. 
Digital Trends: Remotely launch treats and spy on your pets with the Furbo treat-dispensing camera
What’s the worst part about going to work each day? If you instantly thought about how much of a drag it is to leave your dog at home by itself, then the Furbo — Indiegogo’s latest success story — will be right up your alley.
CNET: The Furbo camera lets you remotely reward your dog
The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a camera that lets you watch, speak and listen to your dog when you're away from home.
The Verge: The Furbo lets you spoil your pup remotely
The Furbo, an interactive camera, lets owners watch their dogs doing their dog thing throughout the day. (Yes, it has night vision, too.)
Pets Magazine: The Furbo treat-tossing dog camera is a dream come true.
Wish you could "spend" more time with your furkid while at work? The Furbo treat-tossing dog camera is a dream come true. 
New York Times: Toys and Tech for Pets Are Put to the Test
Because I want the best for our dog, I feed him soy- and wheat-free turkey bits rehydrated with turmeric-fortified bone broth and served in a stainless steel and acrylic dining set designed to reduce neck strain.
Yahoo Finance: The $63 billion pet market is seeing its own tech boom
The American Pet Products Association estimates that we will spend $62.75b on our pets this year. The most popular pet is the dog—there’s one in 52 million homes. Those homes will spend an average $1,641 per year on one dog. And big companies like Mars Inc., the private candy giant that does $33 billion in annual revenue, are taking note.
Yahoo! News: 5 Life-Changing Items That Will Make Your Furry Buddies Happy!
It’s a dog’s life. That expression has certainly taken on new meaning in this time and age. Dogs (or at least those with responsible owners) lead THE high life these days, pampered with attention, toys etc and dog owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to pet products.
Huffington Post: This Treat-Tossing Dog Camera Lets You Send Snacks To Your Pup From Afar
Dog owners who work long hours know how sad it feels to imagine their pups sitting alone at home. But imagine no longer, people, because this treat-popping dog camera will keep you and your pup connected, no matter where you roam. 
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