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Our Story

Every morning when we leave home for work, our dog would give us those sad puppy eyes that break our heart as we shut the door behind us. It feels awful, but we simply don’t have any other choice.

We started talking to more dog parents and discovered that they had this same pain of leaving their dogs at home alone. They shared their stories with us about how they couldn’t bear to be apart from their dogs for too long, and they even skipped vacations because they couldn’t bring their dogs along.
One dog parent’s comment really struck us:
“Dogs spend most of their lives waiting for us at home.”
We’re always apart from our furbabies, but all we ever wanted is to always be together. That’s why we set out on a mission to create a simple way for us to always be together with our dogs.


JUNE 2014: The Furbo idea is born.

JULY 2014: Concept testing & market research.

DECEMBER 2014: First 3D-printed prototype.
MARCH 2015: Toss treats instead of drop treats because users say “it’s more fun.”

APRIL 2015: Night vision is important because “sometimes we have to work late.”

SEPTEMBER 2015: Added barking alert so we know when our furbaby needs attention.

OCTOBER 2015: Finished interview with 500 users.
APRIL 2016: The world meets Furbo Dog Camera.

JUNE 2016: The most successful pet tech project on crowdfunding ($510,000+ USD funds raised).

SEPTEMBER 2016: Available in 5 countries (US, UK, CA, JP, & TW).

DECEMBER 2016: #1 best selling pet camera on Amazon.
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