2801 dogs lives saved — and counting!
Furbo's features are designed specifically to keep dogs safe when they are home alone. It has saved over 2,801 dogs' lives!
Furbo's Barking Alerts Save Dogs from Fires and Gas Leaks
When your home-alone dog is barking, it could be an indicator that something is wrong. When Furbo's Smart Dog Technology detects dog barking or howling, it will send you real-time Barking Alerts. You can check in to find out what’s happening at home.
Furbo saved my dog from a fire!
I recently purchased my Furbo because my baby Kato broke his leg ...read more
- Kato’s loving dog mom
Furbo’s Barking Alert saved my dog from carbon monoxide poisoning!
I kept getting Barking Alert notifications ...read more
- Kobe's loving dog mom
Furbo’s Barking Alert saved our mini Goldendoodle from a fire!
Furbo sent us Barking Alerts to let us know ...read more
- Mooser's loving dog mom
Furbo's Person Alerts Save Dogs from Intruders
Stranger danger! Furbo can differentiate between a dog and a person. Receive Person Alerts and ensure no one other than people you trust is with your dog.
Furbo’s Person Alert caught an intruder in my house and the Cloud Recording videos helped the police catch him ...read more
- Dexter’s loving dog mom
Furbo’s Person Alert notified us someone broke into our house! ...read more
- Kelly, loving dog mom
Thanks to Furbo’s Person Alert and Cloud Recording videos I was able to catch the girl who BROKE INTO MY HOME and ROBBED ME! ...read more
- Crystal, loving dog mom
Furbo's Dog Activity Alerts Save Dogs from Emergencies
Anything can happen to your dogs when they’re home alone. Furbo detects dog movements and sends you Dog Activity Alerts. Be alerted of emergencies in real time.
Furbo’s Dog Activity Alert notified me my dog was CHEWING ON A RAZOR with 3 BLADES on it! ...read more
- Kristy, loving dog mom
Today Furbo’s alert saved my dog’s life! ...read more
- Leia’s loving dog mom
Furbo saved my puppy from potentially injuring herself!
...read more
- Haylee, loving dog mom
Furbo Dog Camera keeps dogs safe & happy!

star 9,153 ratings
What pawrents are saying on
amazon-head Terry Moe
stars Verified Purchase
stars Laughter makes work easier to take
Verified Purchase
I haven't had so much fun with my furkids and I'm not even with them! What a hoot to watch them line up for the treat toss! My co-workers want to know what's going on when they hear bursts of laughter coming from my cubicle. ROFLMAO all day!
amazon-head Charlene Stover
stars Verified Purchase
stars Love It!
Verified Purchase
I wish I had this years ago! Works perfectly. It’s great to be able to check up on my girl and if I get a barking alert I can pop in, tell her to be quiet, toss her a couple of treats and all is well. My son lives in another city and he can check in, talk to her and toss her treats also. So much fun! The one minus is that you have to keep turning the microphone off and on in order to speak and listen. Would be nice if Furbo made some perfectly sized crunchy treats! Highly recommend. 🐶
amazon-head Sonia I.
stars Verified Purchase
stars AMAZING!!!
Verified Purchase
This thing is amazing. Best purchase ever. We can see our pups, know when they are active, when they are barking and can talk to them through the app on the phone. Oh and we can also give them treats through the day with the app. LOVE IT!
amazon-head Rhona Graham
stars Verified Purchase
stars Love this!
Verified Purchase
Love this!!!! It's brought me such piece of mind to be able to check in on my fur babies while I'm at work and away from home! Thank-you FURBO!!
amazon-head Tracy Palmer
stars Verified Purchase
stars there are no words for how happy this product makes me
Verified Purchase
Oh my gosh....there are no words for how happy this product makes me. It is so easy to use and provides an amazing picture and sound. Highly recommend it.
amazon-head Amazon Customer
stars Verified Purchase
stars Amazing, The resolution is great
Verified Purchase
The resolution is great, love the video and selfie component. Such a wonderful little gadget to check in on my fur babies !
amazon-head Justine
stars Verified Purchase
stars Love communicating with my pup!
Verified Purchase
I love that I get to stay connected to my dog while I'm out. I often worry he barks too much when I'm not around, but now I get notifications and can distract him by talking to him or tossing a treat. Such a great feature! And the whole thing was easy to set up! This is a great product for pet owners want to interact with their pets when they're away from home.
amazon-head Clarence
stars Verified Purchase
stars Amazing product for pet owners!!!
Verified Purchase
My friend had one of this and he had been talking about how great it is so I decided to get one too. Boy am I glad that I did! It literally took me only 2 minutes to set it up and got it started working. LOVE the camera feature; not only can you see your pet in the live camera, you can also take a picture or record a video right from the Furbo app. The App is so fun and easy to use. You can also change preferences like the speaker volume or night vision mode, very cool. Thank you Furbo! I can finally stop worrying about my dog while I am away.
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