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7 Best Gifts for Modern Dog Moms: A Mother's Day Guide
May 04, 2018

Every great dog mom wants to show off pictures of her fur babies (just like moms of human babies), but we have even more ways to delight the dog moms in our lives and allow her to tell the world just how much she loves Fido. The modern dog mom draws around herself icons of her favorite breed, clothing that flaunts her love for her pups, and technology that keeps them connected. We have gathered a great list of 7 best gifts for modern dog moms that will act as the perfect mother’s day guide for your gift giving this year. Enjoy!

1. Furbo Dog Camera - $174 $249


She’ll have wonderful peace of mind when she’s not at home with her beloved dog with the Furbo Dog Camera. She can take comfort in knowing that she can see and interact with him remotely, know why he’s barking, and even let him know she is there. Giving him treats is simple and easy, too! Even when it’s dark, Furbo Dog Camera’s night vision allows Mom to see her furbaby, so if she has to unavoidably work late, she’ll have peace of mind knowing that she can still connect with Fido.

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2. WHISTLE GPS Pet Tracker - $79.95


She would be devastated if her furbaby got lost, so ease her mind with this hi-tech tag that tells her where he is at all times. Free, award-winning apps for iPhone and Android send email and text alerts when her dog gets out, and the GPS tracker leads her right to him. Includes a map feature that really makes it easy to find her roaming Rover. It also tracks exercise so she’ll know how much her puppy is active on a daily basis, which helps her keep him healthy. The TAGG Tracker fits on his regular collar, but isn’t recommended for dogs under 10 pounds.

3. Dog TV Subscription - $84.99 (12 months)


The scientifically-designed programming is based on over 60 different studies from universities around the world. Watching TV with her pet will delight both mom and her sweetie. Available on DirectTV and RCN in the United States (available world-wide). She can watch anytime or leave the channel on to entertain her dog with appealing content when she’s not able to be with him. Dog TV also has its own blog, and she can buy Dog TV products from their store, too! Angela Farmer from New York says, “Love Dog TV. Been an online subscriber for a while and seen marked improvement in separation anxiety and anxious behavior. The dogs don't even react to sirens anymore!”

4. Petnet Smart Feeder - $149


This is the perfect gift for the dog mom who gets stuck at work and can’t get home to feed her furbaby on time. Right from her phone, she can schedule times and portions to feed Fido when she needs a little help to keep him happy and well-fed. Available for iPhone and Android, the app not only feeds her dog on time, but keeps track of his eating habits, too. The Smart Feeder precisely measures portions based on her dog’s age, weight, and activity level, so he is always fed just the right amount for his own particular needs. The Smart Feeder comes with a backup battery, a stainless steel bowl, and a food level sensor to let Mom know when it’s time to fill it up again.

5. Pitbull Tea Towels - $45


Made in the USA and printed in Wisconsin in eco-friendly black ink on 100% cotton, these iconic towels not only wipe up spills and messes but are earth favorable, too. So you can feel good about giving these elegant black, white and gray prints by Gingiber to a mom who loves her dog as well as the environment. A wonderful addition to any kitchen decor, the dog-loving mom will cherish these tail-wagging towels! Comes in a 3-pack. 

6. Grounds and Hounds BarkBlend Coffee - $16

Grounds and Hounds BarkBlend Coffee

For the woman on the go, starting the day with a kiss from her pup and a cup of joe is non-negotiable. Sourced and harvested ethically, this 100% Fair Trade and Organic whole-bean blend supports no-kill shelters, too, so she’ll be helping other dogs find a forever home while she sips this excellent, medium roast coffee. She will enjoy the smells of toffee, pecan, raisin, and dark chocolate as she relaxes with a great cup of coffee.

7. Love Thy Beast Dog Carriers - from $160

Love Thy Beast Dog Carriers

Give her a gift that just keeps on giving! With one of these utilitarian totes, she’ll carry her buddy around in style. Made with a double layer of 18oz duck canvas, it features a removeable, bonded leather foot pad, a leash to collar attachment, a scoop for Fido’s head to peek out, and two outside pockets for her things. The water resistant canvas makes sure her furbaby doesn’t get wet in the rain, too.

This Mother’s Day, you have the opportunity to give your mom something that will mean more to her than flowers or chocolates ever could. Acknowledge the love she has for her furbaby with any of these 7 fabulous gifts for modern dog moms.

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