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Dog Moms! 7 Reasons You Deserve to Celebrate Mother’s Day!
May 04, 2018

We all know that being a dog mom will affect your daily routines. That goes without saying. But do you realize all you’ve actually become now that you have a furbaby? Here are 7 ways you’ve changed since becoming a dog mom, and why you should celebrate Mother’s Day along with your friends who have kids of the two-legged variety!

1. You never sleep in.

    Woman on bed turn off alarm clock

    Becoming a dog mom means that your four-footed alarm doesn’t have a snooze button. You are up with the dawn everyday, spending the morning by walking with your furbaby and enjoying the early hours. You never knew how much you’d like getting up early until you were awakened with a slobbery kiss and a wagging tail!

    2. You’ve become much more patient.

    Puppy sleeping in woman arm

    Perhaps you are the kind of person who had to have all your ducks in a row, and a nice, neat row at that. Since you’ve become a dog mom, your home is a bit messier and you’ve learned that what’s really important has little to do with schedules and duties, and more to do with love pats and belly rubs.

    3. You’re more responsible.


    Even if you’ve always embraced your responsibilities, becoming accountable for a living breathing “baby” has altered your perception of what responsibility means. It’s much more than daily walks and feeding on time. It means you know that your furbaby needs time with you—lots of it. Trips to the dog park have taken precedence over coffee with friends, and you’re a better woman for it.

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    4. You’ve become more financially savvy.


    Dog food in 30 lb. bags and chew toys have replaced new shoes and purses. You’ve found out that the joy of a run with your dog is immeasurably more satisfying than ordering take out food, and when you do splurge at Starbucks, you order a “Puppuccino” for the constant companion sitting in the car next to you.

    5. You’ve found new priorities.


    That drink after work with colleagues is not as important as it used to be. Rather than noshing with the girls at the local tea-and-cookies house, you prefer spending evenings cuddling with your best friend on the couch while you watch DogTV.

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    6. You’ve learned how to relax.


    A nice game of fetch or a long walk with your furbaby is far more relaxing than having a perfectly spotless home or adhering to a strict schedule. You’ve discovered that sometimes relaxing just means lying on the floor next to your furry buddy and chilling.

    7. You’re making lots of friends.


    Since getting your dog, you’ve found that other dog people are really friendly. You socialize with other dog moms (and dads) at the dog park and join other puppy parents on walks. Your furbaby has his own set of companions now that you arrange playdates for him with other pups, and you are really enjoying all you have in common.

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    All those things might seem less than heroic to someone who doesn’t share her life with a dog, but you know differently. You’re a better person for having a furbaby to take care of, and what you do for your little four-footed child is an honorable task. So make sure you are celebrating your own “motherhood” this year!

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