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Pet Safety Around The Holidays
Apr 20, 2018

Looking for a roundup of the best pet safety Christmas tips? If you do nothing else this season, make sure you:


  • Keep candles away from your furbabies
  • Think twice about poinsettias and other toxic plants
  • Hang decorations high so your fur kids don’t mistake them for treats
  • Keep your dogs and tree separate
  • Create a quiet space for your furry friend, so they have somewhere to retreat to when guests come over
  • Keep routines and foods consistent


The Top Holiday Tips for Pets

Some of the most important holiday pet safety tips have to do with decorations. You may be getting your home ready for the holidays with all sorts of sparkle and special gadgets, but keep in mind that tinsel, lights, trees and other holiday décor can be irresistible to your furriest family member. If you have a young pup, especially, they may want to bite and eat everything, including that garland or that lighted wreath. Here are some holiday safety tips for dogs as you decorate:

  • Think before you bring plants into your home. Wreaths, evergreen branches, trees, poinsettias, mistletoe, pinecones and holly can all make your dog ill when ingested. You might want to keep these décor items outside or just give them a pass entirely.
  • Think like a dog. Take a look around at garlands, ribbons, boxes, lights and every other décor item. If it moves, makes a noise or is for any reason attractive to your furbaby, it could end up being chewed or eaten. You don’t want your fur kid getting hurt from chewing on lights or by eating the Elf on the Shelf. Put décor items up high and well out of reach. Additionally, use flameless candles or keep them supervised and well out of the way at all times.


Walks and Holiday Pet Safety

If you live in a cold, wet climate, your furbaby has to walk in that. Doggie booties are adorable and keep your pup’s paws safe from the cold and wet. If you live somewhere with snow, keep in mind this time of year can mean de-icing measures such as salt or gravel, both of which can hurt tender paws. Booties protect your furry kid, and you can look for fun fashion prints and colors to brighten up walks on overcast, cold days.


As you walk, also keep an eye out for potential hazards. Outside décor and other people’s lawn holiday ornaments can still pose a danger for your pup.

Your Holiday Parties

If you’re having guests over or are having a party, try to keep your dog’s routine and eating times the same and discourage your guests from feeding your furbaby. That face is irresistible, but too much human food means an upset tummy is possible. Keep your fur kid in a quiet part of the house during big parties and check in often.


Whether you’re busy hosting a holiday event or going to Christmas parties, you can’t be there for your furry family member every minute of the day. This is a great time of year to gift yourself Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo lets you keep an eye on your furbaby, no matter where you are, using your mobile device. You can see exactly what he or she is up to on the HD and night-vision camera, and you can talk to them, thanks to two-way communication. You can even dispense treats to really spoil your furry kid.

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