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Valentine's Day Gifts for Dog Lovers
Apr 20, 2018

Valentine's Day is a time to show your significant other how much you care for them. While many men reach for the classic bouquet of roses and box of assorted chocolates, this year you can surprise your girlfriend or wife with a Furbo Dog Camera. Of course, you can pair it with the classic gifts and a lovely card, but she will be much more amazed by a Furbo than anything else.

If your wife is a dog mom, dog-related Valentine's Day gifts will be sure to please her and her furbaby — as well as keep you in the running for "best husband ever."

How a Furbo Dog Camera Can Make Her Day — And Every Day — Special

People often feel guilty and worried when they leave their dog home alone during the day. When your girlfriend or wife shuts the front door and travels to work, her baby may also experience separation anxiety, which can lead to depression. Dogs rely on human interactions throughout the day to feel reassured they haven't been abandoned. Yes, dogs often feel like you are neglecting them each time you leave, whether you are gone for 20 minutes or an entire workday.

But when you get a Furbo as the perfect dog Valentine's Day gift, neither your girl nor her pup will feel separation. Furbo is a dog camera that will allow her to watch her little furbaby from her phone. No matter if she's out catching coffee with a friend, working or grabbing a few groceries, it'll be like she never left the house.

girl with puppy

She can talk to her dog through the camera and even toss treats! Furbo not only gives people peace of mine when they leave their fluffy companions home alone but also helps dogs when they are feeling separation anxiety. Other features incorporated in Furbo are a real-time barking alert and clicker training mimicry. If you train your dog to expect a treat each time they hear a clicking noise, you can use Furbo to sound the click and dispense a treat to give your dog some comfort. Using AI-powered dog facial recognition, Furbo can also detect and notify you of important dog-related events happening at home.

Furbo is the perfect dog lover Valentine's Day gift. Your girlfriend or wife can capture every precious moment while away. Furbo solves the problem of sad feelings for both owners and dogs.

Dog-Related Valentine's Day Present Ideas

Along with Furbo, you can share other presents with your dog mom enthusiast on Valentine's Day. You can always buy treats and toys she can share with her furbaby, but if you are looking for presents she can use herself, here are a few examples.

• Dog key chains
• Mugs that show a breed of dog
• Paw-print-engraved rock or stepping stone
• Dog signs
• Dog-shaped pillows
• Breed doormats
• Pet silhouette
• Leash holder
• Personalized mugs
• Paw print bracelet
• Customized dog picture frame
• Love paw necklace

Anything to do with her furbaby will put a smile on her face, even if it means buying cute dog outfits or recipe books for her puppy.

bulldog heart pillow

Valentine's Day With Furbo Dog Camera

Buy a Furbo for your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day, and we promise you won't go wrong. She will be able to see her dog throughout the day, which will help relieve her furbaby's stress as well as her feelings of worry. And hey, you can use it to make sure all is well at home, too!

dog with rose

You can purchase Furbo online with our Valentine's Day special and receive free two-day shipping. So even if you order at the last minute, it will arrive in time for her to be surprised. We offer a one-year warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

Make Valentine's Day 2018 different from all the others — surprise your girl with the perfect dog lover gift.


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