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How Can I Celebrate My Dog's Birthday?
Apr 20, 2018

Throwing a birthday party for your dog can be a great way to celebrate with canine companions and their human friends. Sure, a dog birthday party is more for the humans involved than for the dogs, but very often the furry guys also have a lot of fun. Dog birthday party games and dog birthday party food is always a big hit with dogs.

How Can I Celebrate My Dog’s Birthday?


If you're wondering how to throw a birthday party for your dog, start with these tips to make the day a lot of fun for your fur baby:

  • Think like a dog. Dog parties are very different from human parties. Loud voices, noise makers and too much ado can be not very fun. Too many people or the wrong mix of dogs and humans can make your dog feel stressed. Also, keep in mind that the birthday boy or girl will probably need some nap time during the party.
  • Think of dog birthday party themes you might want to incorporate. Whether your theme was something like, “dog's life” or even squirrels, make sure you keep it consistent. You'll get great photos of the birthday treats, decorations and other items and it may be easier to pick party treats around a specific theme.
  • Stock up on dog birthday party supplies that are safe. Stay away from anything that your dog might eat, such as banners, balloons, crêpe streamers and more. Focus on games and a reasonable amount of food.puppy-birthday-party
  • Choose healthy birthday treats. Serve human food to human quests, but choose healthy and dog-specific snacks for the furry guests. Also, make sure you ration them out and use reasonable portion sizes to avoid stomach upset.
  • Plan different birthday games. Games such as catch or jogging can be a lot of fun for dogs at the party and can give them something to do. Consider setting up a play area with different dog toys, too. A shallow pool for splashing can be a big hit with the big fur kids.dog-swimming-pool
  • Plan your guest list carefully. Make sure that all dogs invited get along together. Consider keeping the guest list quite small to avoid too much excitement and the possibility of aggression. Make sure each dog arrives with their human family so you have someone to talk to and so the dogs can stay properly supervised.
  • Give each dog attention. Yes, it's your dog’s birthday, but each pup will need to get attention, belly rubs and love. Dogs can get jealous and you don't want any furry guests feeling left out.3-dogs-playing
If you want to capture some great moments at your dog birthday party, set up Furbo Dog Camera to take pictures of the event. You can use Furbo to dispense treats to your dog and to get some great photos
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