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How to Tell If Your Dog Loves You
Apr 20, 2018

“Does my dog know I love them?” This is a common question from humans all over the world. Of course, you love your furbaby. You’d do anything for them. Your furry friend seems to love you in return, too, but how do you know?

Believe it or not, you can learn how to tell if your dog loves you. You can start by understanding how dogs show affection. Look for these signs:

  1. Comes Back to You
    dog at park
    Let’s say your dog runs after something in a park or wanders to another part of the house. When a dog is bonded to you, they will come back to wherever you are to see what you’re up to.

    2. Makes Eye Contact

    From strangers, direct eye contact can seem intimidating. But when your furbaby loves you, they look at you often and make eye contact. In fact, eye contact can help you make your bond closer.

    3. Seems Relaxed Around You 
    dog with lady
    Does your furry family member roll over and show their belly, sleep with their tummy exposed and generally act relaxed and comfortable? Do they have a relaxed mouth and rolling tongue as well as blinking eyes? Do they “bow down” and ask you to play or wag their tails in happiness? These are all signs of trust and affection.

    4. Goes Nuts When You Come Home

    If you get home to a serious case of puppy affection, barks, yips and dances, chances are your dog is happy to see you and that they love you. If you have Furbo Dog Camera, your furry friend might also go all-out when you check in with the two-way communication system. 

    It’s the same idea. They’re happy to see you. This is may be one of the simplest and easy-to-interpret signs your dog loves you.

    5. Is Sneaky About Taking Your Stuff
    dog chewing shoe
    Your favorite pair of slippers, a bathrobe or your most-worn-in-sweatshirt suddenly disappear, and your furbaby is the culprit. If your dog loves cuddling up with your things or just takes off with your belongings, this can be a weird sign of affection. 

    Dogs experience the world with their noses, and if they love you, they love your scent. Next time a pair of shoes goes missing, keep in mind it may well be a sign of love!

Since our furbabies don't communicate with words, you might not be sure if yours loves you. However, dogs show their affection with their actions and body language  — if you know what to look for, it's loud and clear.

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