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Ways to Keep Your Puppy Busy Indoors
Apr 20, 2018

If you have a puppy, you already know your furbaby is an adorable bundle of energy. When he's not napping, your cute little puff of fur is go, go and go. Puppyhood is an important stage of development for dogs, so you need to keep puppy entertained — whether you are indoors or out.

Keeping your furry buddy working is also important for training and to keep damage to a minimum. A bored puppy is absolutely a puppy who’s getting into trouble! Keeping the little one engaged helps them grow and ensures things don’t take a destructive turn.

How Do I Keep My Puppy Busy?

There are several ways to keep a puppy busy and engaged:

  • Jumping. Since baby furballs have so much energy, you can keep them playing for a long time by getting them to jump over a bar or getting them to jump high for a ball or stick. When your pup makes the jump, be sure to be exorbitant in your praise.

jumping over stick

  • Toys. There are tons of toys for tiny furbabies. From toys where you can hide peanut butter inside so the dog has to work hard to solve the puzzle to squeaky toys and knots that can mean hours of fun chewing, these can be a lot of fun for a young dog.
  • Grooming. Brushing, washing and otherwise grooming your puppy is important to keep them looking their best. Grooming also encourages close physical contact, which is crucial for your bond and your pup’s development. Additionally, daily grooming can take up plenty of time and get your hyperactive furry baby to relax a bit.

dog being groomed

  • Hiding and hunting instincts. Every dog has the instinct to hunt and run. You can tap into this instinct by getting your baby furball to chase balls and sticks and by playing hide and seek. Be sure to reward your baby when they find the target.
  • Your voice. Your dog reacts to your voice. Talking to and giving your dog orders keeps your dog entertained and helps you bond. If you want to talk to your dog and keep them entertained while you’re at work, try Furbo Dog Camera. This HD and night-vision camera, interactive treat dispenser and two-way communication system let you see and talk to your furry family member, even when you’re not home.
  • Treats. The way to a puppy’s heart is through their stomach. While you don’t want to overfeed, a moderate number of healthy treats certainly keeps your pooch happy. Furbo even lets you dispense treats when you’re away. Just use the app and any mobile device to delight and spoil your furry friend at any time.

dog clicker training

  • Training. Puppyhood is prime training time, and it can keep your puppy entertained at home while also teaching important skills. You can use Furbo for click training and use the reward system of treats to train at any time, even when you’re at work. This keeps your dog on their toes, keeps them engaged and makes training an all-day-long project.

eye on puppy

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