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Reasons Dogs Eat Grass
Apr 20, 2018

Why do dogs eat grass? If you’ve ever seen your furbaby munching on the green stuff, you may wonder why they do it. After all, their bowl is filled with yummy and nutritional food they love.

But it’s not that strange to see a dog or puppy eating grass. It’s actually a pretty common behavior, and there are a few good reasons for it.

Why Dogs Eat Grass

There’s some debate about the reasons dogs are eating grass in yards and on walks all over the world. It was once thought that dogs hate the taste of grass and will vomit it up. Some people still believe dogs will eat grass when they feel unwell to purge their stomach.

golden eating grass

In fact, this is not the case. It is more likely that dogs eat plants, including grass, from innate instinct. In the wild, dogs and even wolves eat grasses and plants to supplement their diet, and because they are scavengers, they eat most things that are edible. Of course, your furbaby gets the best food and gets all their nutrition met with dog food, but that instinct doesn’t go away. Your furry friend is just doing what you do when you hit the salad bar: getting some good nutrients. In fact, wild dogs and wolves eat prey that eats grasses, so they may get used to the taste that way.

There is also a theory that dogs in the wild eat grasses and plants because the vegetation causes their intestines to contract, and this can dispel any worms in their system. It’s a pretty clever strategy! Even though your furry family member gets their dewormers at the vet and doesn’t have to worry about it, it is still an instinctive habit.

weiner dogs grazing

Another reason dogs may eat grass is because it tastes good. Dogs react to smell, so there may be some intriguing scent. In some cases, something may even have been dropped on the grass and piques their interest — if your furbaby is eating the grass around your barbecue grill, it may be because of that bit of meat you dropped! 

Can Dogs Eat Grass?

Is it ok for my dog to eat grass? Some dogs' humans worry when they see their furbabies eating grass. If your furriest family member treats lawns like a salad buffet, it’s not necessarily a cause for concern. Make sure you are offering a nutrient-rich diet and have your fur baby on dewormers. If you notice frequent vomiting or have any concerns, though, then it’s time for a visit to the vet.

dalmatian eating grass

The overall safety of grass eating can be a bigger consideration. Some grass is treated with pesticides, fertilizer or other chemicals. For this reason, it may be a good idea to avoid letting your furry friend nosh on just any lawn in the neighborhood. Try to encourage your yard as a grazing spot and keep your yard clean and free of any chemicals.

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