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Secret Life of Dogs — 7 Things Dog Does When They Are Home Alone
May 04, 2018

With as hard as your dog plays on weekends at the dog park or when you take him on a walk (or run), it’s no wonder that on Monday morning he wants to sleep. So do you, probably. Because although weekends are supposed to be for resting, few of us have the luxury of lazing around, especially when we have dogs who want to expend some of that pent-up energy! They are excited that you’re home all day long, and want to spend as much time with you as possible.

That kind of tells us what Monday might be like. But what about the rest of the week? What do they really do when you’re not around? Here are the top 7 things we’ve collected from more than 50,000 Furbo users around the world:

1.    Sleep and dream

Yes, dogs do dream. In fact, scientists who performed research on dreaming rats are pretty sure that dogs dream in much the same way that people do. So when your dog flexes his legs in a running motion or barks in his sleep, he’s probably dreaming about an experience he’s had recently. Curious to see if your dog is dreaming? Watch for the twitching legs or his eyes moving behind his eyelids. That’s when he’s dreaming.


2.    Enjoy his toys

 Do you often come home to find your furbaby’s toys spread around the house until it looks like Romper Room? Just what is he doing with all his toys, you wonder. Well, wonder no more. My dog likes to take all his toys out of his basket without ever playing with them. He hides them around the room so it’s even hard for him to remember where he put them. Occasionally he’ll play with them, but for the most part he’s hiding them.

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3.    Eat

Although many professionals say that you should pick up whatever your dog doesn’t eat in 20 minutes, some of our loveable furlings are used to “grazing” (eating small amounts often during the day). Perhaps your own furbaby eats a bite here and a bite there, or maybe he wolfs it all down at once. Do you enjoy giving your pal treats now and then? You can treat your dog even when you’re away from him by using Furbo’s treat tossing function.


4.    Sibling Play

Sometimes when our dogs are playing, it can look and sound really vicious. Siblings raised together or adopted shelter siblings can act like they’re going to tear each other to smithereens. Keeping an eye on them when you’re not sure of their intentions is a good idea. If you see these behaviors, it’s probably all friendly: a big, open-mouthed, silly grin; exaggerated bouncing around; front end down and back end up in the air; falling over and exposing underbellies; taking turns chasing; going back for more.


5. Destroy everything

There’s a picture going around that shows a dog sitting in the remains of a totally destroyed couch with a caption that reads “I’m so glad you’re home! I was sitting on the couch and it suddenly exploded! I could have been killed!” Sorry, pup. That bucket doesn’t hold water. Butfinding out what did happen—or better yet what’s about to happen—is as simple as keeping your eyes on your little destructo when he doesn’t know he’s being watched. Furbo lets you in on their world without their even being aware of it. It’s the rare dog who will willfully destroy something if he knows you’re watching. When you can see the disaster before it happens, calling the dog’s name and tossing him a treat or two may just distract him from his nefarious plans.

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6.    Bark and howl

When dogs are left at home alone, they may become anxious and voice their dismay by barking or howling. Some of our furbabies are vigilant, too, and will bark whenever they hear an unusual noise. And some dogs seem to like the sound of their own voices. Furbo sends out an alert when your dog barks, allowing you to intervene before the bark becomes a nuisance to your neighbors. But perhaps his bark is actually a warning. In that case, being able to see him and assess his posture and behavior may prevent something (like a break-in) when you actually have time to call for help. And if he’s just “singing” the blues, you may be able to cheer him up by talking to him. This is one of the best attributes of the camera—being able to communicate with your furbaby from afar.

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7.    Wait for you

3 dogs waiting infront of door

The last thing on our list is actually the one your dog does more than any other, every day. He waits for you. In fact, most of his life is spent in waiting. When you come home and he falls all over himself trying to lick you and cavort and wag his tail all at the same time, you know he’s missed you and longed for your return no matter what else he’s being doing today.

French bull Dog smiling at Furbo

Furbo Dog Camera allows you to see what your dog’s day is like, any time, any day. Not only is it a good way to avert problems by catching behavior before it becomes an issue, but it is also nice to check in on your furbaby and know that he is happily awaiting your return. Staying in communication with your pup helps him overcome anxiety, but let’s face it. We’re kind of anxious ourselves when we know we have to leave for nine or ten hours at a stretch. That’s why Furbo is such a wonderful aid to having a happy, healthy homelife with your favorite four-legged family member.

Welcome home!

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