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The World Through The Eyes of a Dog
Apr 20, 2018

Do you ever wonder if your dog can see what you see?

Do you think your dog can only see in black and white?

Understanding the way your dog sees the world truly puts you in the "paws" of your dog, exploring a new perception and reality.

 Dogs can actually see blue and yellow!

The colors that your dog can see are similar to people who have red-green color-blindness. This means your dog can only distinguish between yellow, blue, and shades of gray. The green grass playground that you see is all white and gray in your dog's eyes. It is better to get your dog toys that are blue or yellow, that way it would be easier to distinguish when you play together.

Dogs can see colors

What Colors Can Dogs See?

Can dogs see blue?

Can dogs distinguish colors?

Can dogs only see in black and white?

What colors can a dog see?

These are just a few of the questions we at Furbo get regularly from curious dog lovers. The answers may surprise you and could even change how you communicate with your dog.

Dogs do amazing things every day. In addition to being adorable, they are used around the world as guide dogs, companions, trusted therapy sources and more. There's one thing these incredible creatures can't do, though: see things the way humans can.

Our eyes and the eyes of dogs have cones, which is a name for special cells in the eye that respond to color by catching light. We have three different cones, which is why we see so much in color. Dogs, on the other hand, have two, meaning they do not see as much color or see color as brightly as we do. 

Colors that dogs can see include yellow, blue and gray. Depending on the color of the object, your dog may see it as dark gray, murky yellow, bright yellow, dull blue or a more deep blue.

If you’ve ever thought “What do dogs see through their eyes” or “Can dogs see colors,” this little fact can seem like fun trivia, but it’s actually pretty useful. If you’re buying a toy or bed for your dog, it can be helpful to realize they can see blue and yellow but may see many other colors as gray. If you want to play catch, for example, choosing a bright red ball can allow you to see it clearly, but it’s actually a harder color for dogs to see. Your canine friend will see the red ball as gray, potentially making it harder to find. Choosing yellow or green can mean more fun for both of you and can tip the catch game in your furry friend’s direction.

Although dogs are nearsighted, their field vision is much wider

 We can see clearly at about 80 feet away from us, and dogs can only see clearly within 20 feet. This fact might seem like a disadvantage, but dogs evolved to have a much wider field vision than humans (180° vs. 240° angle). This allows dogs to be much more aware of their surroundings.

Dog's wide angle vision


You can trust your dog at night

 Although we see colors better than dogs, they can see much better at night! Dogs are also much more sensitive to motion and smell, which helps them become good hunters and quick to recognize if there is any danger.

So, can dogs see better at night? Although dogs have fewer cones to distinguish colors, they have an advantage in the dark. They have a larger pupil, which allows more light in and lets them see more clearly in low-light conditions. The center of a canine retina also has more cells that are light sensitive. These cells, called rods, work well in dim light and allow your canine buddy to see well, even in the dark. For hunting and living in the wild, this is an important biological advantage for dogs.

The short answer to “Do dogs see better at night” is yes. If you have a cat, however, the cat will generally see better than the dog. Cats’ eyes have even more features great for night vision, as you’ve no doubt seen. If you’ve seen a kitty walking in dim lighting, his or her reflective eyes glow.

If you have a dog, keep in mind they see better in the dark. This may mean you don’t need to leave extra light for them at night, unless your canine friend is nervous. It can also mean you need to be careful when walking in the dark. Your dog may be able to see you, but you can easily trip over him or her if they don’t know to get out of the way.


Dog's can see better at night


Are you curious to see how your dog sees his or her favorite park? Try out with your pictures here:https://dog-vision.com/tool.php


Furbo is designed to show your doggie the most care and love. When you toss a treat to your dog or when you are watching over him or her, Furbo shows the color blue. Furbo turns to yellow when it is break time.

Your smart doggie will know the difference between blue and yellow, and will certainly call your attention for more love and treats.

Furbo light


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