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What Puppy Sleeping Positions Mean
Apr 20, 2018

Puppies love to sleep, and puppy sleeping positions vary from the adorable to the frankly bizarre. You may have gotten some great photos of your furbaby dozing, but have you ever wondered what your pup's sleep position means?  It turns out, there may be something you can learn from how your furry buddy chooses to catch forty winks.

Common Puppy Sleeping Positions

Some of the most common dog sleeping positions include:

  1. On the Side
    sleeping on side
    A side sprawl suggests a pup who is comfortable and feels safe. They’re not trying to conserve heat or protect their bellies. They’re just ready to hang out and get some serious shut-eye.

    2. On Their Back
    sleeping on back
    This one can be quite hilarious — ever catch your furbaby with all four paws sticking straight up? If you’ve ever snapped a picture, shaken your head and wondered “why does my dog sleep on his back?” here’s some good news: This position means your dog is very comfortable and confident at home. Dogs and wolves in the wild do not sleep in this position, and neither do nervous dogs or dogs in new environments. 

    Sleeping on the back reveals the super-cute but highly vulnerable stomach area, so most dogs protect this part of their body. It is also a submissive posture for a dog. Overheated dogs will sometimes sleep on their backs to cool down faster as well, so keep an eye out for this sleep position on the hottest days of the year!

    3. Sprawled out on Their Tummy
    sprawled on tummy
    If your pup is sleeping on their stomach with all limbs out on the sides, they may have fallen asleep in the middle of play. This position lets dogs spring into action fast, so it’s a favorite of furbabies who have energy to burn.

    4. Curled Up
    puppy curled up
    In the wild, dogs and wolves most commonly sleep in this position. They are essentially in a cuddly little ball, with the head on their rear feet and their legs and tail tucked in. This is the safest position for dogs because the vulnerable tummy is protected. A dog is also small and less likely to attract attention this way, and the position conserves heat. 

    This is a common, instinctive way for dogs to sleep. Some dogs will revert to this position if anything changes in their environment, especially if they’re used to sleeping in other ways. Or, your dog may simply be feeling a little chilly. With this dog position, the meaning may be as simple as that!

Always Know What Your Dog Is Doing With Furbo Dog Camera

Do you want to see what your dog is up to when you’re not home? Want to catch all the funny sleep positions they try out when they have the house to themselves? Try Furbo Dog Camera.

dog sniffing furbo

Furbo has two-way communication capabilities as well as an HD and night vision camera. You can also give your pet a little extra love with an interactive treat dispenser. And if you catch them in a hilarious new sleep pose, Furbo lets you capture the moment with a pic.

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