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Supporting Battersea Dog Behaviour Specialist
Nov 11, 2021

This holiday season, Furbo is proud to continue our partnership with Battersea, one of the largest and most loved animal rescue charities in the UK. Once you hear about the wonderful work that this organisation does, chances are you’ll want to get involved as well!

Furbo Dog Nanny helps Battersea experts with dog training

Battersea & Furbo Partnership   

Battersea first opened its gates in 1860, and have since cared for over 3 million dogs and cats across three centres. The love and care staff at Battersea give to rescue animals fits perfectly with our goal of keeping dogs safe and happy. Dog behaviour specialists at Battersea use Furbos and Furbo Dog Nanny technology to support their work, preparing animals in their care for their loving new homes.

Furbo Training at Battersea with Dog Behavioural Experts 

Furbo Training at Battersea with Dog Behavioural Experts

Our community has told us that separation anxiety is one of their top three concerns, so Battersea shares some tips on how Furbo Dog Nanny can be used help with this. 

“Here at Battersea we recognise that, used in the right way, Furbo is a great tool to help with training your dog and also to overcome behavioural concerns like separation anxiety.

Re-focus attention and reward 

Battersea experts uses Furbo Dog Nanny to refocus attention

In the same way Furbo lets us see how dogs are doing in kennels at Battersea, it can give you peace of mind when you are out of the house. If something outside of your control has stressed your dog (for example a delivery) it can be a good idea to distract them with something positive. Using Furbo technology you can speak to your dog to re-focus their attention and then reward them once they are engaging with you. You could even ask them for a behaviour they know, such as going to their bed, and then reward them for this too. Just be careful you don’t start to dispense treats whenever they are barking as you might end up accidentally rewarding and encouraging that behaviour!

Doggie Diary

Furbo Dog Nanny's Doggie Diary helps review daily activity and behavioural trends

The Doggie Diary feature of Furbo Dog Nanny could also help you notice any patterns in your dog’s behaviour while you’re out of the house and might identify any triggers for restless behaviour, such as the post arriving through the door, or any loud noises from outside, which you can then work through with them.

If you see that your dog begins to get bored at certain times of the day this might be a good time to ask a dog walker to arrive, before they have the chance to start any behaviours you’re trying to move them past. It will mean they can get rid of any excess energy in a healthy way.

Shaping and Capturing technique 

Furbo works as a training tool and to reward behaviours that you want to encourage you are using a training technique called “shaping and capturing”

Furbo works as a training tool and to reward behaviours that you want to encourage by using a training technique called “shaping and capturing”

This means that you reward your dog for behaviours that are close enough to the final behaviour you want them to do, and that you “capture” and reward the behaviour if your dog naturally does it without being asked.

Battersea use these techniques because ultimately Furbo allows them to keep an eye on dogs and reward behaviours they want to encourage. This is a great way to help teach a dog to settle and remain calm and relaxed even when you are not around

Check out more separation anxiety advice from Battersea experts on the Battersea website.


Furbo For Good & Battersea

During the month of December and January , we are giving £8.25 +VAT to Battersea with every new Furbo Dog Nanny subscription purchased, meaning that all new subscribers will directly help this wonderful charity care for more dogs and cats!

To find out more about Battersea’s work, visit the Battersea website

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