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How to Train Your Dog With Rewards
Jul 12, 2021

Everybody loves rewards, whether that is a holiday, a nice dinner, or something as simple as the cashback you get from using a certain credit card. Similarly, dogs provide unconditional love towards humans so it is only fair that we provide them with rewards for good dog behaviour. Positive reinforcement is one of the easiest ways you can train your dog at home. You can reward your dog every time he or she does something right, which encourages that kind of good dog behaviour. While positive reinforcement is not too difficult to implement, there are still a few things to look out for when training your dog behaviour through rewards. 

Types of Reward 

Food and affection are two things that dogs love the most. Rewards during training can be anything from a delicious treat to a special toy; anything your dog loves. Although there are multiple ways you can reward your dog for being a good dog, the most common approach is with treats. Dog treats are easily accessible, affordable, and efficient, which makes them a great tool during training

Fluffy brown dog with a neon collar sitting nicely for a reward

How Often Should I Reward My Dog? 

When training a dog with rewards, the reward should be given immediately after your dog demonstrates good dog behaviourPositive reinforcement works because your dog will associate the reward with the action. For example, if you are trying to train your dog to sit still, be sure to give a reward immediately after your dog conducts the right movement. If the reward is given at the end of the session, your dog wouldn’t be able to understand which action is good and which action is bad. The point of training with rewards is so your dog can form the cognitive connection between the behaviour and the reward. 

Shiba dog receiving a treat on a field of grass

How Many Rewards Can I Give to My Dog? 

When giving your dog rewards, you need to be careful with the timing and amount of reward given. Training should be conducted during a short and fun session so your dog has a good time learning. The short session also limits the number of treats you give to your dog. It’s often that owners overfeed their dogs with treats which can cause unhealthy weight gain. To fix this, dog parents need to first be conscious of the time and amount of treats the dog is receiving. Secondly, dog parents can either break the treat into smaller pieces during training or choose a low-calorie dog treat alternative. 

Black and white dog playing tug-a-war with  humans with a red chew toy

Reward Your Dog Remotely 

No matter how much we love our dogs there will be times when you need to leave them at home alone. Separation anxiety is one of the most common conditions dogs face when they are left at home alone. Some symptoms include barking, howling, pacing, destructive dog behaviourcoprophagia, and accidents. To curb separation anxiety, many dog owners will purchase dog cameras so they can keep an eye on their dogs while they are away. Furbo Dog Camera is a monitoring device that allows owners to see, talk and play with their pets remotely. Through the Furbo APP, users can see and speak to their dogs to soothe separation anxiety. 

What is special about Furbo Dog Camera is the remote treat toss feature that allows you to reward your dog even if you’re not home! For instance, if you receive a barking alert from your Furbo APP that your dog is constantly barking, you can use the Furbo Dog Camera to speak to your dog. If your dog obeys the commands you give to stop barking, you can then reward your dog through a quick treat toss. 

Bulldog training with the Furbo Dog Camera remotely
While there are many ways you can train your dog, rewards are often the easiest and most effective method to start with. Don’t hesitate to give your dog praise and rewards to motivate them in good dog behaviour!
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